October 22, 2011

Halloween Recycling Projects

The finished product
 SPOOKY SPIDER, front yard decoration

 Halloween is my dad's favorite holiday and we love to go all out in the yard making a spooky scene. Usually there is at least one or two kids that refuse to walk to our door because they are scared of what is in our yard. While the classic graves have shown up in our front garden many a time, this year, dad and I tried to go for something new.

(really, you can use whatever you have lying around - that's what we did- but, here is what we used to achieve the final look): 

  • 2 black tarps (one to wrap, one to cut and cover the "hairy" legs)
  • PVC pipe, cut so the legs are "akimbo"
  • trashcan
  • ice chest, styrofoam
  • egg crate mattress
  • lawn chair cushion
  • wicker lawn chair
  • wood stump
  • heat lamp w/ red light bulb
  • bungee cord
  • rope 
  • cord
  • watering hose