December 15, 2011

Holiday Cards, Christmas

 Hello again,

My cute little arts tote- thanks again Debbie!
     I’m back again, this time to show one of my favorite crafts- homemade cards! This hobby is something I picked up a long time ago and though I don’t remember how or why I got started, cards are something I love to make for other people. I think part of my fascination comes from the written word as well as getting a hand-written card from someone else (still so much better than an e-mail in my opinion).  I used to spend hours making just a few, but as time has gone on I have tried to simplify and make cleaner, more professional looking cards in less time.
Material List:
·      An assortment of stickers
·      An assortment of paper
·      Scissors and/or Paper cutter
·      Glue, double-sided tape, glue dots, or other adhesive
·      Blank card sets with envelopes
·      (Optional) yarn, hole-punch, aluminum foil