May 31, 2013

Look, I made a Bench!

    So this post is really just to brag about this awesome woodworking class I took in Houston, TX rather than to share any insightful tips or crafts with y'all. I've always wanted to take a woodworking class- in high school, I took sewing instead of woodshop, and in college, while I took a slew of other art classes, my schedule never lined up for me to take any of the wooden variety. 

May 20, 2013

How about Earring Storage? I've got you covered.

    Give all your dangly earrings room to spread out with this easy to make this spinning earring caddy.

     I have seen a lot of the mesh earring holders that are 1-Dimensional frames that hang on your wall; I think they are pretty neat. However, when I turned 16 and got my ears pierced, I went a little bit crazy in the earring department (trying to make up for lost time or something) and had a bit too many sets of earrings for a single hanging earring holder. But when I got up to three of those on my wall, it was taking up too much space. So my mom (shoutout!) helped me come up with a nice solution that stands about 6" tall and 7" wide and....dun dun dun....spins!