May 20, 2013

How about Earring Storage? I've got you covered.

    Give all your dangly earrings room to spread out with this easy to make this spinning earring caddy.

     I have seen a lot of the mesh earring holders that are 1-Dimensional frames that hang on your wall; I think they are pretty neat. However, when I turned 16 and got my ears pierced, I went a little bit crazy in the earring department (trying to make up for lost time or something) and had a bit too many sets of earrings for a single hanging earring holder. But when I got up to three of those on my wall, it was taking up too much space. So my mom (shoutout!) helped me come up with a nice solution that stands about 6" tall and 7" wide and....dun dun dun....spins!

Lazy Susan makeover by The Clever Pink Pirate
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • lazy Susan (mine was plastic)
  • Mesh organizer/holder (mine was wire and circular)
  • a pencil 
  • a ruler (optional)
How To:
*First, do any decoration/painting to the lazy-Susan and mesh organizer *

     1. Mark a point at the middle of the lazy-Susan with your pencil. Find the middle of your organizer in the same way (mine was easy because it was a 3- way compartment that bisected the middle perfectly) and mark it if possible at the center point or by making a circle around the container with your pencil.
 *If you skip this step, when you turn your lazy-Susan, you will get a hiccup turn instead of smooth movement.*

     2. Put a line of hot glue all the way around the base of the mesh container, working quickly and carefully.

     3. Again, quickly, place the mesh container to the center of the lazy-Susan, lining up any marks you have made.
Lazy Susan + Upside down mesh storage container = 3-Dimensionally accessible earring storage!
  4. And that's it, your are done! Enjoy the ease with which you can reach all your hanging earrings. You can also use the edge as extra storage for bracelets and other knickknacks. 

     This project is very easy to make, and you can easily jazz it up if you want a little more cute and a less utilitarian. Here is a great example of how to make the lazy-Susan part adorable with just some tape and spray paint by The Clever Pink Pirate.

     You could also paint the mesh organizer caddy in the same color scheme to match, but be careful not to lay on the paint too thickly or you won't be able to get your earring backs through the holes.
Finished product- plenty of room for random stuff along the bottom rim & top part of container
As always, I love to hear what you think about my crafts. Will this idea be helpful to you? How do you plan to make it your own? Am I the only one that owns this many earrings? Let me know what y'all think by posting below!

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