April 29, 2013

Necklace Storage Needed? Look no further.

Clips added around the rim of the plastic apothecary jar to hold necklaces.

     A quick project, using a plastic apothecary jar. I'm still getting used to the new job and what I need now more than ever is better storage capabilities and organization. I went out and bought a hanging organizer (thanks Ikea!) for my closet because all my undershirts were all over the place, but I wanted to try and use something I already had for my necklaces. For all my earrings, I have a lazy susan/metal upside down organizer that works perfectly, but I was running out of space for necklaces, so I came up with this easily removable craft.

  • apothecary jar OR another type of wide lipped jar (made of or any hard surface)
  • Picture hanging clips (mine are from the Ikea wire picture hanging kit- as seen here) or any type of clip that won't slip off of the lip of your container- Jumbo colored clothes pins or wooden clothes pins would work well if you have a larger jar. 
How To:

     1.   Clip clothes pins onto lip of jar

     2.  Hang your necklaces from the pinching part of the clips or, if there is a open hook, hang necklaces from the hook.

     3. (opt.) You can also clip on bow ties and hang headbands from the jar, if it is big enough.

     4. (opt.) I was also thinking about putting uncooked rice/beans on the inside of jar in order to hold things for me.

     5. Have fun!

 Hopefully this little trick, though easy to do, helps you keep track of your accessories. I'd love to hear you've done to organize your jewelry in crafty ways, so feel free to leave a message below!

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