November 29, 2011

Vintage Goggles, meet Steampunk


 I got these vintage WWII era goggles at a flea market a couple of years ago. I thought that they looked really neat with the green glass inside the frames. Unfortunately, they were a little ravaged by time and most of the fabric on the sides was ripped off. That was a total bummer, but I figured I could always repair them if I needed. Then, I kind of forgot about them, thinking they made a cool vignette on my shelves.
    Recently though, my friend told me she needed a costume for a steam punk convention that her boyfriend wanted to go to around New Year's time. This gave me the incentive to take another look at the goggles, to see if I actually could repair them. After toying with them for a little while, I realized I wasn't going to save any of the fabric because it was literally falling apart in my fingers. I unscrewed the frames from the goggles and stripped all the fabric off of the wire and started fresh.

November 2, 2011

Halloween Project, Doggie Dino

The classy dino pup waiting for trick-or-treaters at the door

Ok, I saw this idea in Martha Stewart living and couldn't resist trying it myself. Though I don't have a dog, one of my friends said I could dress her dog up for Halloween. Wooohooo! My cat never lets me dress her up any more, so this is a great new avenue for me.

Here is the link as well as some instructions for how Martha did her tank: 

However, I did things a bit differently based on what I had available. So....

Inside, with all spines inserted
  • tank (my friend's dog is medium size and turns out she fit about a child's small t-shirt)
  • foam sheets (mine was green, but I think black might have looked even better)
  • sewing machine (optional)