May 31, 2013

Look, I made a Bench!

    So this post is really just to brag about this awesome woodworking class I took in Houston, TX rather than to share any insightful tips or crafts with y'all. I've always wanted to take a woodworking class- in high school, I took sewing instead of woodshop, and in college, while I took a slew of other art classes, my schedule never lined up for me to take any of the wooden variety. 

     I was both excited and nervous to take this class because I am kind of terrified of large scale power tools (OK, spinning blades in particular). But I did it anyway and had a blast! Take a look and let me know whatcha think of my design:

      I learned how to use a miter saw and a table saw as well as a drill press and a number of other useful tools. The joins on the spreader bar (the skinny 1" plank running along the middle of the legs) are bridle joins (they took me like 1.5 hrs! to finish.)

      I managed to finish my bench during this 2 day, 16 hr course, but didn't get to the painting or staining that a lot of the other people in the class did in the last hour or so. However, I'm still really happy with what I managed to learn and make during the class and and very much looking forward to my next one mid-June (Woohoooo welding!)

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