September 26, 2011

Hair Clips


  • ribbon (1/8"-1/2") any color
  • stickers, glitter, fridge magnets, comics, or any other decorations you want
  • bottle caps (if you don't want the brand to show through, spray paint them a fun color first)
  • hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • blank hair clips or pins (you can get these at a craft store)
  • (optional) cardboard cut out in the same shape/size as the bottle caps - these are used to make the inside of your bottle caps less deep inside before you add decorations. 
How To:
       Get your hot glue gun hot and ready to go because it is the tool to use for this job.  At first, I tried using self adhering clips, but it just didn't stick as well (or look as good) as hot glue. Do any preliminary work on the bottle caps, adding stickers, glitter, magnets, or anything else to the interiors until you achieve the look your are wanting. This is the step where I added volume on the inside with cardboard circles and then added the decorations, but it isn't a necessary step. Some of the more attractive bottle cap tops I kept as the outside portion of the hair clip. Once that's done, grab your blue gun and give it a chance to warm up.
      While you are waiting, cut your ribbon(s) to the size you want - mine was about 5" long- and attach them to the back (whichever side you aren't using is the "back" in this case) of the bottle cap. Add all the ribbons you want until all the sides of the cap are covered and it looks like a bow in the back. Then add a bead of hot glue to the back of the clip you are using and attach it to the rest of the bow/cap combo.
        This is your finished product so clip it in and look sassy. This is an easy project to make and you can make multiple ones at a time without much extra effort. Personalize them to give to friends as gifts or keep them for yourself and match them to your outfits. You can also clip them on bags, scarves, hats, etc. for a great look!

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