February 17, 2012

Baby Tees

The happy recipient
     So in my last blog, I wrote about wanting to combine silk screening with my slice die-cut machine. I found the perfect project in making baby clothes. This is something my mom has wanted me to do ever since I got the Yudu silk screening machine (to be honest, I think that is the real reason I got it.) But anyway, baby clothing is always so adorable and the pieces we love the most are always hand printed or hand sewn little jewels in a wardrobe.

    Since I was bringing over some of my weapon pillows for my cousins, I figured the newest addition to our family should also get a little something uniquely made. Why not a baby romper....with a throwing star or with my dad's face on it. A perfect baby gift, right? Ok, I thought so, my mother wasn't so sure. But honestly, she should be happy I put her idea (with a few tweaks) to actual use.  : )  Just don't throw the baby.

Ok, the skinny on the how to:
  1.  Buy blank baby clothing in the right size and season for your intended baby
  2. Take it home and prewash it
  3. Make a screen that you would like to print or use one you have already made (in this case, I recycled the throwing star screen and my dad's face screen from another project)
  4. Cut out a shape on fabric - patches with adhesive backing work especially well- that you would like to use (either using scissors or a die cut machine)
  5. Screen print on to the baby shirt; let dry
  6. If you didn't use a fusible fabric as your shape, use magic binding tape; Iron shapes to shirt where appropriate.
  7. Tada! You are finished. Adorn your baby and be happy!
Screen printed stage tees
  • baby clothes, white
  • screen printing fabric ink
  • patch material for jeans
  • die-cut machine, Slice, or scissors
  • silk screen machine, Yudu, or freehand

My next project is going to be steampunk related- it is currently in progress- stay tuned!

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