May 22, 2012

Get Organized

      This is a project we've needed for quite some time: Cleaning up the workbench. Usually, it's such a mess that you really can't find anything you need in order for it to be productive. So over time, it gets used less and less because it isn't easily accessible and you can't ever find the tool you are looking for.  My dad is a bit of a tool hoarder (sorry dad, the truth had to come out sometime)- even if it is rusty or doesn't work well, it is kept just in case "it could be of use someday"
Just look at the amount of tape I used to make all these labels! (To the left of the storage bin)
     He already has one storage bin for small pokey things (nails, screws, molly bolts, washers, etc.), but he still had more, overflowing from recycled butter tub containers. And, they were all mixed together, which just killed my OCD side. So when I saw another clear plastic storage bin at a garage sale, I jumped on it like there was no tomorrow. I gave it to him for Christmas- he wasn't as humored as I was. He put it in the garage, on top of the workbench on its side and eventually piled stuff on top of it rather than actually using it. I hinted that perhaps we should clean the workbench after the drawer planter project, but he was decidedly ignoring my pleas.

    Of course, I couldn't just leave it like that! So I busted out my favorite tool, the label maker, and went to work. We still have 50x the amount of tools we need, but on the special occasion that I am looking for a brayer, a cordless drill, and a level, I have 3 of each to pick from, which makes me happy.

  • Storage bin with clear plastic drawers
  • Label maker (yes, mine looks like a star trek phaser)
  • Tape for label maker
Isn't this so retro cool? I feel like a spy decoding things and a trekkie at the same time.
 How To:
  1. First, sort all the junk into neat categories (screws vs. nails; 3/4" vs. 1"; brass vs. silver)
  2. Second, put categories into bins
  3. Thirdly, create labels for all the bins (if you are feeling especially organized, you can even color code the tape on certain bins- nails= gold; Phillips screws= purple; red for misc; and then whatever color you have left when you run out of tape in a certain color)

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