April 18, 2012

Garden Name Sticks

Finished product
      After the doozy of last post, I wanted to keep it nice and brief. However, I'm still in the garden mood. I got an idea for this project when I couldn't find any metal dowels to use and after I tried banging on a metal spoon to make it flat (it worked much better in my head). When I failed at both of those options, I began rooting around in the wooden skewers and found some unused (and washed, but used) chopsticks. At first, I was just going to color coordinate them - because I'm organized like that- but I figured it would actually be better if you could see what the plant was.

      I need to make a ton more of these for all the various plants we are growing this year (onions, carrots, peas, blueberries, blackberries, squash, zucchini, lettuce, mustard greens, and tomatoes, plus a few others)! Especially since they are so easy. But to start, I focused on the herbs for my new garden center on wheels.

  • chopsticks, unfinished wood
  • permanent markers        (I used sharpies)
  • A fine tip black permanent marker

How To:

1.  Pick a chopstick and color the top 1/8th of it with a single color of sharpie. I picked colors that matched -at least in my mind- with the plant I was labeling (purple for Lavender, red for Peppermint, yellow for Lemon Bergamot, etc.)

2.  With the fine tip marker, carefully write name of plant in all caps. If you wanted to get all fancy, you could put the latin/species name on the back.

3.  Stick in the ground and enjoy knowing which plants are which as they grow.


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