August 5, 2012

Avacado Ice Cream?

     Ok, when I saw this recipe on Alton Brown's website and had to try it. After all, I absolutely love avacados- a well made guac is where it's at, but avacados are at their finest plain with just a bit of salt.  The texture thing can be a big issue for some people, but it doesn't bother me at all. And they have a good amount of fat (one day it's "good" and the next its back on the "no no" list), which makes them a perfect ingredient for ice cream.
     Yes, ice cream!
Getting ready to use my Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment; reading the instructions and assembling
Now that we have wildfires and water mains breaking because of the heat (Oh Oklahoma, it is sad when our claim to fame over other states is the record breaking 113 degree temperatures), making something cool - that doesn't use the oven- was definitely in order.

I followed almost all of the instructions in the recipe (aren't you proud of me?) Put it in the blender to get it nice and smooth, but skipped refrigerating the mixture for 4-6 hours before processing it in the ice cream maker. I'm sure that there is a techy reason Alton Brown does this, but I couldn't be bothered/couldn't wait that long to taste it. Then it was in to the ice cream machine and blend away.

The  greenest, smoothest ice cream you will ever eat = Avacado Ice Cream
I ate a small bowl of it as soon as I scraped it out of the bowl, but I froze the rest. Freezing it made texture of the ice cream  a bit icy, but once it hit your tongue it was so creamy and rich that you forgot how much work it was to get it out of the container. And of course, everyone but me thought it was weird and didn't really like it. Go figure....

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